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For over 25 years, MBM has been dealing with design, construction, supply and technical assistance for the creation of metal fittings for shipbuilding and offshore platforms.

Today, ODB and MBM become a single entity: a new brand as well as a unique production and commercial strategy which combines the identity of the two companies, enhancing its potential in the global market.

Focus On

Green Gas Tight Doors & INNOVA 3RT

Focus on

Green Gas Tight Doors & INNOVA 3RT

INNOVA 3RT Reconduction of Residual Recovery and Processing Time

Innova3RT is a project by Officine Del Bello funded by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region as part of the POR FESR 2014-2020. 
The total value of the project is € 401,040.83, the amount financed is € 160,416.33.

Innova 3RT is aimed at increasing the company's competitiveness through the approach and development of new markets in the maritime construction sector. The performance of products and services will be increased through the acquisition and development of new methodologies and technologies, both product and process, and the use of integrated design and production systems designed to allow quality, recovery and recycling increases. of materials and reduction of production times and costs. The project therefore aims to bring the company to reduce and control costs, reduce response times to customers, introduce functional and technological innovations, comply with new product and regulatory specifications and provide assistance. throughout the product life cycle.
Today the company, focused on the process "from supply to delivery" will evolve towards a focus "from the request for supply to the dismantling and recycling of materials", with a consequent increase in competitiveness on the market characterized by the reduction in sales prices of products and the increase in turnover within three years of the end of the project

GGT Doors - Green gas tight doors
LQA60 outdoor doors tight ecological gas

Value of the project. € 1,152,092.75
Grant granted: € 747.939,10

The field of application of the GGT Doors project is naval and offshore. The goal is to develop a key technological element for safety in the marine sector: an innovative door for gas tightness, which uses as insulation not the traditional rock wool, but a product obtained from the reuse of waste materials and from additives of natural origin, without the use of gas or high temperature treatments during production.
GGT Doors wants to create a high performance ecological door that meets the most stringent regulations in the Oil & Gas sector, through the use of new construction solutions that allow at the same time the use of recycled and ecological materials, paints and cleantech additives and the overcoming of all gas tightness test, burst resistance, fire resistance and marine corrosion.
The result of the project will consist in the realization of a prototype that meets the specific requirements in the design phase: less weight, less overall thickness, better sound insulation, improvement in terms of thermal insulation, resistance to corrosion and degradation in the marine atmosphere, respect for fire resistance requirements. The prototype will also allow the emission of fumes to be reduced during the fire, without the release of toxic products, with a consequent advantage in terms of environmental sustainability.
The project is financed by the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia as part of the POR FESR 2014-2020.