A wide range of partition walls designed to meet every construction need and market. Removable walls with normal male/female profile products in B15 and A60 class, suitable for splitting the cabin modules and cladding of technical rooms or for residential purposes.


Made with or without top module. In the DX4 series, the above door panel is an integral part of the frame and therefore, in the assembly phase, the door is easy to install. It is recommended for the assembly of wall panels with thickness greater than 50 mm. The DX0 series is adaptable to any type of wall thickness greater than 50 mm.

Wet units

Available in a wide range: prefabricated, fully assembled or disassembled and packed in kits, with the floor covered with tiles, fiberglass or peran. We can adjust the shape of the box as per the customer's needs thanks to flexible and expert engineering.


For completion of various types and kinds of rooms, MBM produces ceiling panels of cassette and sandwich type.

Special Ceilings

MBM manufactures special customised metal ceilings for public areas as per the architectural guidelines of its customers.

USPHS galleys

Building on extensive experience in the marine sector, MBM has developed and produced complete ceiling mounted systems for galleys that comply with USPHS regulations and meet the hygiene directives. The system is achievable with two different junctions between the walls, in both cases with male-female connections.

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