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Italian talent that creates excellence

MBM represents the excellence in the marine accommodation industry, providing maximum customer satisfaction through technical innovation and solid experience thanks to ten years of accumulated knowledge.

This is the mission that MBM has always pursued with rigour, passion and determination. It is now an internationally recognised industry player and a completely reliable partner, boasting a broad portfolio of accomplishments for boats and ships of all sizes and uses, even offshore platforms.

MBM addresses the challenges of global markets driven by Made in Italy originality, or rather that special element of exclusive creativity, which when placed at the service of technological innovation, transforms services and products into high-performance customised solutions combining functionality and style.

Italian Quality Project

Italian Quality Project

Customer Satisfaction

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The group: winning synergy

In 2014, MBM identified the well-established Italian company Officine Del Bello as the perfect partner with whom to create a group; one in which their two complementary visions would offer the market sector a new benchmark in design and production.

Today, ODB and MBM become a single entity: a new brand as well as a unique production and commercial strategy which combines the identity of the two companies, enhancing its potential in the global market.

The coming together of ODB’s 70 years of activity with MBM’s almost 30 years of experience make it unique in the marine equipment industry.
Our business acumen, together with design and manufacturing skills reinforced by that unbeatable Italian ability to address and resolve problems in an innovative fashion, ensure that the Group is capable of meeting the most demanding and challenging contracts in the global market.

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MBM was founded in 1989 in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso), not far from Venice, from an entrepreneurial idea created by the Bigolin family, who still guide its steady growth today. They direct the qualified technical staff in the design and production and the sales force in the advanced new plant, equipped with robotic systems and machines with numerical control for the management of any kind of order.