About Us

For over 25 years, MBM has been dealing with design, construction, supply and technical assistance for the creation of metal fittings for shipbuilding and offshore platforms.

Flexibility, skill, punctuality and safety: these are the values ​​which  ODB Engineering enshrines and the keypoints of our approach to our customers.

Focus On

A winning synergy with ODB

Focus on

A winning synergy with ODB

In 2014, MBM identified the well-established Italian company, Officine Del Bello as the perfect partner with whom to create a group; one in which their two complementary visions would offer the market sector a new benchmark in design and production.

The coming together of ODB’s 70 years of activity with MBM’s almost 30 years of experience make it unique in the marine equipment industry.
Our business acumen, together with design and manufacturing skills reinforced by that unbeatable Italian ability to address and resolve problems in an innovative fashion, ensure that the Group is capable of meeting the most demanding and challenging contracts in the global market.